Jetaholic Jangle: Knee Defender No More?

Forget Road Rage, Air Rage is new transportation Rage!

A United flight from Newark, New Jersey to Denver, Colorado was diverted due to unruly passengers having a spat that involved a small but feisty device called the Knee Defender. Here’s the lowdown on the gadget that is making waves in the airline industry.


A small plastic device that one attaches to the arms of your meal tray. It prohibits the seat in front of you to recline. It’s a very cheeky device. These bad boys retail for around $22 and can be purchased at & through Amazon.


The FAA states that the Knee Defenders do not violate any specific rules and it does not prohibit the use.

However, airlines spoke out against the device when it hit the market in 2003 and most airlines do not allow consumers to use ANY device that prevents seats from declining. After the recent incident, a spokesperson for United “we do not allow customers to use devices that prevent seats from reclining,”

But the male passenger refused to remove the device when asked to do so by the flight attendant.

As you can imagine the airlines are not very fond of the device as it prohibits seats from reclining when they are intended to and can create a combative flight environment as seen during the recent United airlines spat.


Do you think this type of gadget should be allowed on aircrafts?  Do you recline your seat if possible?  Do you ask first to be courteous?

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