If I received a penny every time someone asked me how to secure the best airfare, I would be a proud owner of my own private island ;-) I sat down with Gretchen Carlson on Fox News to chat about specific tips on securing that great fare. Click here for the clip…… In case you missed the segment here are my top tips: How to specifically get the best deal on an airline ticket: 1.)  Know your route.
  • Be informed regarding the departure airports & hubs closest to your departing & arrival airport. This allows one to search for a range of airports that might be close to your final destination. Ex: Flying into NY there are 3 airports in vicinity, it broadens the search for lowest fares.
  • Also helps to have market research and know what a deal looks like for your route…
2.)  Book Early
  • It is important to book your flight early. There isn’t an exact science but general rule is last-minute fares are more expensive.
  • CheapOAir did a recent study where it analyzed 1.3 billion airfares and concluded that 54 days in advance was the best time, on average, to buy domestic tickets.
  • This is not a hard-and-fast rule, however. It varies depending on route, destination & season. For example when book a flight to Hawaii in the winter one would need more lead time to secure a good deal.
  • When you see a fantastic deal, book it. Most airlines allow for cancellations within 24 hours on booking a flight, but make sure to check their cancellation policies before booking. Look at airline prices the next day and see if they had dropped. You can then cancel & re book at a lower fare.
  • Websites like Options Away & Level Skies will hold a fare for a fee for a specific number of days.
3.)  Be flexible on your travel dates.
  • Searching for travel dates within a +/- 3 day window generally helps to find a more affordable option and at the very least might save a few dollars.
  • If you’re really flexible several airline sites such as Kayak offer a neat graph with additional possible travel days.
4) Monitor the market
  • Create alerts to be informed when your route fare is reduced or a great deal appears
Sites like Hopper analyzes & has reports on which months are the cheapest months to travel and tells you what fares other passengers are booking for that specific route.   Happy Travels! For more travel tales & tips be sure to follow Cecile on Twitter @CecileRaubs and Facebook and Instagram and Google+